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Terrace using 120x120 cm paving slabs on a gradient

To create a terrace paved with large-format slabs on uneven ground, we recommend the use of our CLEMAN® self-levelling terrace riser pedestal, which is designed to compensate for any height differences resulting from uneven ground. Its easy-adjustment system lets you obtain a perfect result by making fine adjustments to riser pedestal heights after all the paving has been laid. CLEMAN® self-levelling decking riser pedestals also include acoustic dampers to absorb any vibration between paving and riser pedestal.

Timber decking with no ground preparation

ELEVO® lets you create a timber decked terrace quickly with no prior ground preparation. This timber decking riser pedestal is designed to be located in a metal fence post support. The ELEVO® riser pedestal is height-adjustable for accurate levelling of the decking surface.

A combination of timber decking & paved terrace on two levels

To create timber decking with completely invisible secret fixings, we recommend our FIXEGO® system, which leaves no screw heads visible on the surface of your decking boards. Our PROFILDECK® structure lets you easily combine timber and paved finishes.