ALVEPLAC 1166 x 800 mm

  Made in France

All our products are developed and manufactured in France.

  10 years warranty

In accordance with our GTC and installation advice, all our products are guaranteed for 10 years.

  The MORE accreditation label

In fact, we use 100% recycled raw materials sourced from the textile industry.

  ISO 9001

Our customer satisfaction management & product range is certified compliant with the international.

Gravel stabilisation tile with integrated geotextile membrane for use in landscaping projects.
Ideal for creating walkways, garden paths, car parking areas, paths and driveways for private, public, commercial or industrial use.
Creates a perfect finish, because the tile becomes invisible when filled.

Product Details


Data sheet

Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Pallet of 38
Recycled polyethylene (grey); polyethylene (white)
Cell diameter (mm)
Usable area (m2)
Weight (kg)
pallet size
Type of setting
Landscaped setting

Compression resistance strengh : filled - 650T/m²
Resistance : UV and gel
Geotextile membrane included (60 g/m²) and permanently bonded to the cells
Suitable even for heavy traffic.
Integrated assembly system prevents mats from separating.
Ensures rapid drainage of rainwater.
Can be installed on slopes up to 15% for pedestrian areas and 10% for vehicle use.
Prevents ruts.
Easily cut to length.

To provide the stated load resistance, Alveplac® cells must be filled with gravel, plus an additional 2 cm top layer.
Fill using 5-15 mm or 8-16 mm gravel.

Outdoor use - Solutions for garden landscaping - paths and other pedestrian use and driving areas.