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TMP CONVERT is a FRENCH Manufacturer based in the Ain area (01).  It is specialized in plastic material transformation to innovative products and solutions. The two production sites at Simandre sur Suran (01) and Moirans en Montagne (39) combine 3 transformation techniques, that are perfectly under control : Blowing, Injection and Rotomoulding.  


JOUPLAST® is the TMP CONVERT  "Catalogue Product" brand . It is considered as the constructive solution specalist for decking and paving.



Thierry Convert


  • 1959 : It was at Bourg en Bresse that Gérard Convert started his business as a plasturgist, in collaboration with the factories of Oyonnax Valley. He manually manufactured the petals of artificial flowers in a small workshop, by using unsophisticated machinery...


  • 1960 : As plastics became essential in everyday life, the company naturally grew to suit a booming market, including the diversification of handmade objects, such as toys and household ustensils.


  • 1973 : Gérard Convert took over the company JOU-PLAST and manufactured one of the most remarkable marketing innovations of the time : Procter & Gamble promotional gifts, the ubiquitous Bonux gifts.


  • 1980 : Thierry Convert is assisted with his sister Paule and his mother Micheline to succeed after the father's dead and decided to move away from pure outsourcing to become a creative player in the Industry. This is the start of the JOUPLAST story with first, the decking and paving rising supports.


Since, the offer has been complemented with dedicated ranges of products "Paving range for Terraces and Patios" and "Wooden Decking". The brand is the European Leader for risers pedestals, and launches a huge range of accessories that helps in using the riser pedestals in order to meet all requirements.


Today, JOUPLAST® is considered as the ideal and the best partner we can rely on for innovative and constructive solutions. Its new ranges FIXEGO® Invisible Fixing System for wooden boards, and SELF-LEVELLING RISER PEDESTALS launched in 2015 show the group's ambition to perform even more to innovate and launch practical and accessible solutions for all of us, professionals and individuals. 



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