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How to deal with edges ? How to deal with corners ? How shall we do against a wall when using paving riser pedestals ?


JOUPLAST® is the first manufacturer that has launched the innovative system of lateral covering when using pedestal risers. Today, we suggest a new version of this innovation that helps in making a 100% invislbe lateral finishing. 



Please note that these additionnal products are desgined for terraces and patios for pedestrian use only.


Either for a decking with ledger boards, or for a paving with ceramics or tiles, the use of our finishing products is easy, and does not require any additionnal extra tools.


You don't need to use an iron or a profile anymore thanks to the "glue trap" included. However, it can be used if needed.




The lateral riser support along with the side finishing plate help in creating four finishing possibilities when used together.


Finish with a plinth

Invisible finishing

The plinth will come to close the inner apparent surface.

In this case, the upper terrace level is

higher than the ground one.

In this case, the upper terrace level

is near ground level.

The plinth helps in backfill




Finishing with a butress

Possibility to create a step

Here, the lateral plinth position is higher than the terrace level. As a consequence, the terrace level is lower

regarding the ground level.

Using both products helps in creating

one or two steps.

The only thing is to adapt

the riser pedestal height.



The use of both the side finishing plate and the lateral riser support complies with standard paving risers, and self levelling risers as well.


Please note that for decking riser pedestal, there's no need for the side finishing plate, only the lateral riser support can be used.



Reminder:  You can not install garden house, nor spas on riser pedestals.


Which slab shall I use with risers? Please make sure that you use 32mm (min) pressed/self-supporting concrete slabs or 20mm thick (min) Ceramic/Porcelain paving (T7 or T11 standard)





  Side Finishing Plate

200 x 200mm plate to clip on the paving riser pedestal head:


- At corners and all along the terrace lenghts, associated with the lateral riser support so as to use a lateral plinth. (the spacers are breakable to facilitate the installation)


- All along a wall, it helps in stabilizing the cut tiles used against the wall.

  NB : please note that once positionned on the riser head, it adds 13mm to the intitial riser height. 


The lateral riser support

To be placed at the basis of the paving riser pedestal (you can screw it)

It holds the lateral plinth and helps in aligning it with the riser head. 

The little tag can be removed

NB : For a plinth of 14-25 mm thickness only. Minimum riser height : 40mm


Check here if all PAVING PRODUCTS are matching !


  Use one side finishing plate for each riser placed all around the terrace, along with one lateral riser support.

Remember that for corners, use 2 lateral riser supports for each risers placed at corners. 


* Should you wish to use a finishing profile, please read below

The finishing profile, or angle iron, can be used to maintain the plinth vertically. It is screwed directly to the side finishing plate. The finishing profile can be of plastic or aluminium material.


SCHLÜTER®-SYSTEMS has developped a new angle iron for edges, called the  Schlüter®-BARA-RTSL. It adapts to the risers and JOUPLAST® finishing products to create a nice terrace.


It is easy to install and helps in creating 3 different finishing possibilities with ceramics for instance. (from 20mm thickness).





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