Innovative Decking
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GREENPLAC® Grass stabilisation system

Lightweight ground reinforcement system ideal for grass stabilisation

It helps in creating grassed driving areas without damaging the environment.





Parking areas, driveways, paths, emergency access, sport fields, emergency lanes, terraces, camping areas, railsways, industrial areas etc...


  • Fast installation with integrated assembling and locking system.
  • Excellent drainage
  • High resistance
  • Optimized grass growth



Innovative anchoring and locking system to avoid disconection.

Anchoring spike length : 2cm

Anchoring spike quantity : 4


The honeycomb structure is designed so as to enable a great grass growth.


UV and frost resistance


Color: green





 Height 40 mm    

 Effective dimensions

591 x 378 x 40 mm

 Operating surface

0,235 m²


115 T/m² (tested with grown grass)

 Technical spreadsheet


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