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The decking riser pedestal is an adjusable support in height to build decking made of wood or composite boards, for pedestrian use only.


Please note that neither spas, nor the garden houses can be set on risers.


Risers are regularly placed under wooden, metallic or aluminium decking joist, (such as PROFILDECK). They : 

  • allow the air to circulate
  • avoid upwelling
  • allow pipes and cables


Please make sure that you do not use decking joist made of composite material for the structure.


JOUPLAST® risers are conforms to French regulation DTU 51.4. They are crush and weather resistant.




The decking joist will be screwed directly into the riser strip. 


Same as the paving riser pedestal, you will adjust handly the decking riser height, without any additionnal tool.


How many decking riser pedestal shall I use?


Decking riser qty/m² 4

NB : for information only, to be adapted according the installation


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HL 10mm riser

HL 20/30mm riser

HL 40/60mm riser

Fix 10mm From 20 to 30mm adjustment From 40 to 60mm adjustment
Can also be used as a 10mm extension    
NB : Please use a 10mm extension to pass  from 30 to 40mm.



HL 50/80mm riser

HL 80/140mm riser

HL 140/230mm riser

From 50 to 80mm adjustment From 80 to 140mm adjustment From 140 to 230mm adjustment







ELEVO® is a specific decking riser: it deals with decking support that fits on fence support spike. It is made of a "deckihg head" such as the standard range, along with a specific basis that will be put on the spike (not provided).





When you use ELEVO®, there is NO SITE PREPARATION because the spike will be directly burried on the ground. This is very useful for a slope area or to extend an existing decking. 


ELEVO® allows a 95mm height adjustment. You can also use extensions on it.


Check here if all DECKING PRODUCTS are matching !




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